Aman Basra, also known as DJ ASB, A man with passion and love for his music and entertaining. Aman’s passion for music grew at the age 14, by presenting music selection at family events and gatherings and making sure every event would be a rocking event that slowly led him into taking up DJing as a hobby. Aspiring to be as well known as local DJs, Aman started his DJing career by being a house DJ at banquet halls that helped learn more about music and how it should be displayed to people, that slowly helped him save up and buy his own set of turntables and mixer so he could master the art of mixing, and take his love for music and entertaining to the next level. His hobby soon turned into a passion learning from the likes of DJ Aftershock, DJ Jagga.

During his studies, Aman started to DJ various events from house parties, school dances, fundraisers and family events which eventually led him to DJing massive wedding receptions. After working with all local roadshows as a hall DJ at various Vancouver and Richmond Halls, Aman was scouted and recruited by Aftershock Roadshow where he is now fully equipped to make your special night truly memorable. His ability to mix numerous types of genres seamlessly has truly led him to become a very recognized young DJ in the industry.

His music selection varies from UK Bhangra (covering new and old school beats) and Bollywood to Top 40, Old School, Hip Hop, House And Techno Beats. Along with the rest of the Aftershock Roadshow Team, Aman asserts professionalism and is keen on making sure the night is one the guests will never forget and making you and your guests book him for your next family and friends events.


We were a little nervous as we found out the DJ we had originally chosen could not make it for our event but DJ AsB would be filling in for him. We didn’t have time to look into his style or background before getting in touch with him, but trusting Harp we soon found out he was nothing short of amazing!

He even helped us choose our walk in, and slow dance song; all last minute since we couldn’t decide. As for the rest of the night, he definitely feed off what the crowd and made sure everyone seated was on the dance-floor all night and generated a dance-off memory that definitely made our event even more memorable than we ever imagined!!

 We would definitely would recommend DJ ASB from the Aftershock Roadshow for your upcoming events..
Iris and I would like to thank the Aftershock group for making our reception an amazing experience. Harp was very open to our suggestions and very easy to work with during the contract negotiation. As for the reception party, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Aman (DJ AsB) knew exactly how to keep the party going and the dance floor filled up. Being that it was a mixed punjabi and afghan wedding, Aman was able to mix the music so that everyone was happy and entertained. I had a lot of comments from our guests saying that the DJ was amazing, the music was perfect, and that some of them were not able to dance because the floor was so packed that there was no room! Thank you for making our reception an amazing experience!