Meet Chetan Daula AKA DJ dAuLa AKA DJ Doooola!! The newest addition to AFT3RSHOCK. DJ dAuLa developed a keen interest in djing over the past few years and pursued that interest by purchasing DJ equipment and going to work as a “bedroom dj”

He began experimenting with music and creating mixes which he started uploading to soundcloud. One of his mixtapes caught the attention of a local Pub owner who tracked down Mr. Daula and offered him a job. Dj dAula started his career the opposite direction of our other DJ’s by starting in the club scene where he delivered addictive yet electrifying performances that pulled his audience to the dance floor day after day. DJing for this pub strengthened his confidence in mixing Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40, electric music and many other genres of music

Still hungry for knowledge and skill, DJ dAuLa approached The Aftershock Roadshow earlier this year wanting to work alongside the DJs that inspired him the most and learn what he has grown up seeing them do. He wanted to build a connection with bhangra and bollywood music as that is where his heart was

Being the newest addition to the team, DJ dAuLa has been soaking in the knowledge from the veteran lineup from AFT3RSHOCK and has been impressing crowds night after night gaining more and more experience with every day that passes. The future is bright and full of possibilities for this young, keen ambitious youngster. Don’t let his “babyface” looks decieve you, when he gets behind those decks he jumps in full steam ahead and puts forward 110% effort. Watch out for him next season as hes sure to bring you to your feet and drag you to the floor with his fresh set of skills and that glimmer to impress in his eye


I was very impressed with DJ Daula’s performance during the party. He was a very good asset to the party setup, he helped us a lot with the technical difficulties that we had. My parents and family were very impressed with his song mixes. I was greatly impressed with how consistent he was throughout the night. I would give DJ Daula 10/10 for the outstanding performance for this night. Once again thanks a lot for everything
Hi Harp, just wanted to let you know that DJ Daula did a phenomenal job last night! So many people came up to me and said the DJ is awesome. People who brought their kids said they regretted it because the music was so good but they weren’t able to dance! Everyone didn’t want the party to end!