Meet Kulvir Hans AKA DJ Hans. DJ Hans is known in the bhangra industry as the remix KING. He needs no intruduction as his mixes are played in every corner of the world and he has become the first DJ many search online when they want the latest and greatest new remix of their favorite song.

Hans started his career 15 years ago DJing all across california and his love of music lead him to start mixing tracks which instantly became a hit with listeners everywhere. His style is one that can not be matched as Hans likes to create beats live while he is djing, adding a very unique and different touch to his performance. Able to create beats on the spot and bring the “DJ Hans” remix feel live is something no other DJ is able to replicate.From his remixes, Hans started receiving requests to DJ in different parts of the world and has traveled all across the US, Canada, Mexico, India, and many other destinations.

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