Meet Rajanveer Gill AKA DJ Veer, one of the youngest and latest additions to the AFT3RSHOCK arsenal. Joining AFT3RSHOCK in 2015, his DJ story initially started in 2013 as a banquet hall DJ. Previous to this, his keen interest in Hip-Hop music led him to dabble in experimenting with music production, which no doubt attributed to his rapid assimilation into the DJ territory. In a culture which had little respect for the art, Veer saw a change and an opportunity, and he was ready. Despite his lack of years on the scene, he has done nothing less than amaze, crowd after crowd, proving himself to be a diabolical force in the AFT3RSHOCK artillery.

To Veer, there is a right and wrong in music and thanks to his strong arm in music production, he was able to articulate this understanding into a groundbreaking style of mixing. His live performance can only be described as a flawless creation. His initial grasp of the craft has quickly become a fierce mastery which has put him in direct competition with Vancouver’s premier DJs. Veer understands that music is supposed to move people, in his world, there’s no price to be put on how everybody feels the same way when they hear it. Veer is a living testament of being able to do anything one puts his mind to, and this is just the beginning.


Hi Harp,
Thanks for checking in! DJ Veer was fabulous. I was told that I had the most fun party in Quesnel’s Indian party history! And I believe it’s all thanks to the DJs they had music playing all night even during our MCs transitions so there were never any awkward silences. He went above and beyond during the whole evening – even helped my cousin figure out how we would play the slide show. The dance off got everyone pumped up and so did their commentary throughout the night asking all the “chachis chacha’s” etc to come on the dance floor. We were very happy 🙂

Thanks once again it was a pleasure working with you.

Hi Harp,

Thank you for providing such a wonderful service at the very last minute. DJ Veer did a commendable job, everyone at the party really enjoyed his beats. I would definitely recommend my friends and family for your amazing service.