Dj Xzuberant (Deep Sandhu)

Inspired by the love of creativity, DJ Xzuberant has spent numerous hours in front of his computer compiling some exquisite mixes during the past 13 years. Benefiting from his parent’s vast bhangra & bolly vinyl collection, his love for music grew at a very young age. like most inspiring DJs, his love for remixing came from many talented djs that came from abroad. DJ Xzuberant has spent time in front of crowds of hundreds in his early years however he is known more for creating remixes.

During this time, Xzuberant has released 5 undergrounds cds since 2003. DJ Xzuberant is completely self-taught, not having even the benefit of observing or consulting other DJs. rather than spinning live on CDJ’s or Turntables, he focuses his attention on his PC and lets his creativity take over. the genre he collaborates includes bhangra\bollywood creatively mixed with current top 40 hip hop and electro\house music.

DJ Xzuberant has linked up with DJ aftershock and have been working on numerous projects, both have worked feverishly on DJ Aftershock’s remix album which is set to release sometime this year. DJ Xzuberant’s goal is to help take the Aftershock Roadshow to the next level and create an a inspiring sound that is new to most everyone’s ears.