We have over 7 charismatic and highly interactive DJ/Emcees on staff and we are the only DJ Service that allows you the opportunity to watch your DJ at a live event. Everything from musical requirements to the formalities of the evening. Think of us as not only your DJ/Emcee but as coordinators who will assist in helping you plan out the details of your wedding day.


Here you will find the various themes, pieced together by the most popular demands that we have met over time


Explore the personalities of the various DJ’s as well as their skills that they will bring to your event.


Lighting has come a long way over the years and we offer the very best in the field to energize the night!


Add a flow to your party with our very own MC’s. Vast experience with a comedic touch is guaranteed to keep your guests laughing and involved


Lift your parties needs with the most effective ‘pump’ you can give to your event with one of our Interactive LIVE singers – anything is possible


You can even give the dance floor its self a personality! Hundreds of options to make the floor come alive beneath your feet!


Bring a bang into your event with the Dholis we have. They will make everyone go crazy up and dancing till the last sweat is dropped.


There is no better way remember the relationships created, then to immortalize them in the highest quality of digital imagery.


The media wall can display anything you wish, from family photos and videos to the very best in digital effects to compliment the dance floor.

What Clients Say

"Thank you for doing a wicked job with Priya + Andrew's wedding tonight! "Alicia Keats Weddings + Events Inc (June 1st 2012)
Alicia Keats Weddings + Events Inc (June 1st 2012)
We were a little nervous as we found out the DJ we had originally chosen could not make it for our event but DJ AsB would be filling in for him. We didn't have time to look into his style or background before getting in touch with him, but trusting Harp we soon found out he was nothing short of amazing!
He even helped us choose our walk in, and slow dance song; all last minute since we couldn't decide. As for the rest of the night, he definitely feed off what the crowd and made sure everyone seated was on the dance-floor all night and generated a dance-off memory that definitely made our event even more memorable than we ever imagined!!
We would definitely would recommend DJ ASB from the Aftershock Roadshow for your upcoming events..
Praveen & Rajan
Praveen & Rajan
We just got our engagement party video's & all I gotta say is the dance floor was packed from 8pm till 2:30am ...6.5 hours of straight dancing...the DJ setup, all the songs & remixes were awesome & all of our guests had great time! Thanks again to Amit Birk & DJ Aftershock - The Official Fanpage - Bhav & Remina SidhuBhav & Remina Sidhu
Bhav & Remina Sidhu